10GB Business Extra Plan

Unlimited Minutes

Unlimited Texts

10GB of 4G Data

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10GB Business Extra Plan

10GB of 4G Data


Dynamic Bundles

Make significant savings if you consistently exceed your data allowance and incur out-of-bundle charges.

With no drop off in your data service, dynamic data bundles automatically top up your data allowance keeping your business on the move.

Roam like Home in Europe

You will not pay roaming charges within the European Union, so continue to use your unlimited minutes, texts and your data allowance as if you were in the UK. Learn more..

Share Your Data

Share your data across all of your users and keep your additional data bundles to a minimum. Add the Data Pooling Enabler bolt-on. Learn more..

Dynamic Bundles

Extra 2GB

£7.50 each

Extra 5GB

£15.00 each

Extra 10GB

£18.00 each

Extra 20GB

£30.00 each

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User Management Portal

Log In Screen

Enter your Username and Password previous provided by email.

User Dashboard

The summary page gives a snapshot view of a person's setup and allows the user to carry out a number of actions within the screen.

  • Mobile number
  • SIM number
  • IMEI number
  • Handset type
  • Service or network settings
  • Call forwarding
  • Group membership
  • User portal information
  • Usage alerts
  • Quick view of usage statistic
  • Manage My Mobiles portal role
  • SIM change - The user can carry out a SIM change
  • Reload handset - Make a call to the network to confirm current handset that is being used
  • Configure network settings - Change network setting - Details outlined in the Setting section of this document
  • Call forwarding - Change where the call is sent to if busy, no reply or unreachable (Default is to voicemail)


Usage Trends Report

Shows the busiest time by day, week or month.

Usage Breakdown Report

Shows the busiest time by day, week or month.

Call Breakdown Reports

Shows the number of calls over a defined periods.


The network settings can be changed in this view. The settings are split into two different categories.

Calls and Messages:

  • Call baring options
    • Outgoing voice calls
    • Incoming voice calls
    • Outgoing SMS
    • Incoming SMS
    • Outgoing MMS
    • Incoming MMS
    • Enable Premium content
  • Mobile data
  • Data barring options
    • Data (incoming/outgoing)
    • Enable adult content
    • Data roaming
  • Voicemail
    • PIN reset
    • Enable voicemail

The setting screens apply to a person or a group. The Company settings are set by iDC Mobile in the My Mobiles Portal upon provisioning.

When set at group level the settings apply to all the members of the group. However these can be overridden at the person level. If a person overrides a particular setting then they will opt out of all future group settings changes until they revoke the override.


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