Business Broadband Is A Necessity For You And Visiting Clients

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A Business Broadband Service built to support your daily communication needs.

Business Broadband Services are vital for the smooth running of your business processes. Whether you are accessing Cloud Services, Making Voice Calls or Downloading Business Data, you need a service you can rely on.


Business Broadband

Customer Support

Businesses benefit from our standard 'Business As Usual' telephone support which rectifies 98% of problems. This is complemented with onsite support where problems need a little extra. 

Hassle Free Switching

Switching to us is a breeze where we deal with your existing Broadband Provider, agreeing a transfer date and ensuring the service you require is delivered at the agreed time. 

Unlimited Data

No capping of Data during the period of the contract. Conduct your business with the reassurance of Superfast Broadband and no sudden disconnection of service.  

No Price Changes

We will not change the price during the contract period and will offer another deal automatically when the period ends. 

Business Broadband Wi-Fi Router

We have chosen the TP-Link Archer VR600 as our Business Wi-Fi Router due to the depth of business capabilities:

  • Supports superfast wireless speeds of up to 1300Mbps with the next generation 802.11AC Wi-Fi connection.
  • Supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands simultaneously, providing fast and stable connections for more devices.
  • Excellent VDSL/ADSL2+ high speed modem router, providing up to 300Mbps broadband speeds.
  • Easy one-touch wireless security encryption with the WPS button.
  • Provides USB port for storage sharing, printer sharing.
  • Easy Setup Assistant provides quick and hassle free installation.



Monitoring your Business Broadband Service for any problems.

We regularly monitor your Broadband Service and quickly react to any problems found. Problems affecting lack of or no service are quickly diagnosed, allowing BT to provide a fix to get your business connected to the internet yet again. 

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Get a continuously good deal on your voice calls with our PAYG Service.

We ensure you get a competitive price for your local, national, mobile and interntional calls. We work hard to keep our pricing low so your business can benefit from continuously low pricing.


All UK calls national and mobile included

Get peace of mind with all calls to local, national and mobile within the UK included whether in the evening, weekend or even during the day..

Recommended Options

Premium Line

All Internet Service Providers offer prices for broadband packages which incorporate a 'Standard' or 'Essentials' telephone line. This gives each ISP a level playing field when setting out their pricing structure.

A standard line differs from a premium line in the fault response times. A fault associated with a standard line has a BT response time of 3 days and is usually provided to a residential users.

 We would always recommend a premium line for a business user who would benefit from a next day BT response for any fault.

Business Add-ons Pack

The Business Add-ons Pack offer numerous enhancements to your telephone service such as:

Call Waiting

1571 Messaging Service

Three Way Calling

1471 Extra



Care Levels

Upgrading your Care Level can give you a faster response to any faults responded to by a BT Engineer.

A standard line has a Care Level 1 which has a fault clearance timescale of Next Working Day + 1.

A premium line has a Care Level 2 which has a fault clearance timescale of Next Working Day.

Upgrade to Care Level 3 and you get a 24 hour response, 7 days a week.

Finally, Care Level 4 gets you a 6 hour response, 7 days a week.

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