Configuration Change in Guest access for Microsoft Teams

Action required by 8th February 2021

Microsoft are making some changes to the default setting for guests in Microsoft Teams

Beginning on February 8th, 2021, Microsoft are turning on guest access in Microsoft Teams by default for any customers who have not configured this setting. This will bring Microsoft Teams guest capability into alignment with the rest of the suite, where the setting is already on by default.

How this will affect your organisation

When this change is implemented if you have not already configured guest access capability in Microsoft Teams, that capability will be enabled in your tenant. With guest access enabled, you can provide access to teams and other resources to people outside your organisation while maintaining control over your corporate data.

What you need to do to prepare:

Prior to this change taking effect on February 8th 2021, if you want guest access to remain disabled for your organisation, you will need to confirm that the guest access setting is set to "Off" instead of "Service default". Instructions for how to configure the Microsoft Teams guest access settings can be found here: Teams guest access settings