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Samsung Galaxy J5 Gold (2017)

Enhanced Camera

Get brighter, clearer photos and videos with the Galaxy J5’s 13MP rear camera and f/1.9 aperture. Use its built-in front camera flash to take bright snaps even in low light conditions.

Quick Launch

The Galaxy J5’s quick launch functionality makes accessing your camera easier than ever. Simply press the home button twice to enjoy quick and direct camera access. Never miss out on another photo opportunity with this convenient feature.

Smart Manager

Smart Manager lets you check and manage a range of essential information on your Galaxy J5, including battery status, storage space, memory stats and much more. With a few easy touches, you can close unused apps, improve battery and RAM performance, delete unused files and run antivirus checks.

More Battery Power

Get the most out of the Galaxy J5’s high capacity battery. Enjoy a variety of media contents, including movies, music games and web use for longer than ever – without the need to worry about your battery.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

No need to worry if you notice your battery running low thanks to the Galaxy J5’s Ultra Power Saving Mode. Cut down on battery consumption by shutting down unnecessary functions on your device and switching the screen to a battery-saving monochrome mode. For extra power – when you need it most.